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Clap, Clap, bravo…erm not really, not always. The Ting Tings and The Courteneers have cancelled their myspace friendships with me after my not too positive reviews and The Horrors despite a positive one. When asked again, all refused.
Johnny Winter manager (below) was so disappointed with the article to ended up being disappointed with the pictures too. But there are some nice words from the bands, their managements, music journalists, other photographers and photography websites which make me keep the job running.

Here some of the feedback, thanks to everyone!

Hi Valerio,

Thank you very much for the beautiful photos!
Is it maybe possible to get them, so we can use them on myspace? We will mention the credits of course.


Brant Bjork and the Bros management

Hi Valerio,

Thank you for that.

I’m out in the countryside now but will take a look at your site when I get to a faster connection.

I just bought Boxer a couple of weeks ago (had never really heard The National before…) and have to say that I really like it and am really grateful that you think that we’re similar too!

I ALMOST went to the Shepherds Bush show as well, but, um, I think I’ve gotten too comfortable with the birds and the squirrels and the country air!

Take care and speak soon,

Robin Proper Sheppard – Sophia and God Machine Leader

Hey Valerio! Thanks very much. And thanks so much for the photos. We were really pleased with how they came out.
It’s our first gig as a three piece next week, and we’re planning to play 3 new songs – it’s a slightly differnet style but very exciting.

Anyways, hope you’re well and talk soon

EDC Singer and Guitarist

Thanks Valerio

It’s getting there and the photos make a huge difference. Can’t wait to get the live recording done and post some new tracks. Are you coming down to the Old Blue?

EDC Keyboard player

cant wait to see the pics!

Justin Tranter
Semi Precious Weapons, Singer

Scissor Sisters? Nah, SPW are a dynamite ROCK’N’ROLL band!
BRILLIANT photos and a very cool piece, Mr V. Excellent!

BP Fallon
Photographer and Semi precious Weapons manager

Yeah, the broken smoke machine was a bit of a nightmare. I’m impressed that you got anything out the first three songs, but these are great.

If it helps, I ended up having some kind of fit due to smoke inhalation when trying to fix the bloody thing. *sigh*

Matt Abysmal
Barfly Management

actually we have seen better photos and are not to happy with your inncorrect review. last time Mr winter played the astoria 8 months ago he was lead out this time he walked on his own his health has improved 100% he even gained 40 pounds and his voice got stronger you might want to do some research next time you review an artist. And there were people in the balcony

Bullseye Johnny Winter management

Very nice coverage and review of Fleet Foxes. I missed the ULU show but was lucky enough to catch them in Dublin, Royal festival Hall and Glasgow. I’m the father of Robin, the front man and also the unofficial band archivist and I just wanted to tell you that your approach; 35 mm B&W definitely works! You have captured the band in a very appealing and classic style. Also, your writing is unique as well. As you know, much has and will be written about these guys. You have captured what is special about them in your own special way. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Greg Pecknold
Robin Pecknold, Fleet Foxes singer, father

hey valerio, great pics from the london show!
cool if we add some to the live gallery on the official website? credits will be included.
let me know.

My Morning Jacket official website

amazing shots!!
These shots are really great.

Alanis Morissette official forum webmaster

Hey Valerio

Just wanted to give you heads up on some cool pics and a nice piece on us.
Keep spreading the Whale Word.

Noah and the Whale, Band

wow, these are great! thanks. i’ll forward them on to the band now
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Management

I’m Nate, the bassist for the Decemberists. You have a cool shot of me on your site, and I was wondering about getting a high res version of it. I have been asked for shots for Bass Player magazine, and I don’t have any good ones (quality wise). Even if I don’t use it for that, might be nice to have for myself. What do you charge for this sort of situation, or could we trade somehow?


Nate Query, Bassist from The Decemberists

Valerio Berdini [Twitter Comment] after the Rolling Stones started following me…

“Because your’re great!”

Ernesto Assante
Music and Media Editor of Italian biggest newspaper “La Repubblica”

A talented UK based music photographer focusing on contemporary live music photographed on traditional black and white film. His work successfully captures the raw energy of live music and puts you right in the best seat of the house.
Numbstar – Showing you some of the world most talented photographers

These photos are stunning and I love what you wrote as well.
Thrill Jockey press office

some great photos of TRTS in London this past August
Tortoise official Facebook Page

Here’s a real nice write up with some great photos
A Place to Bury Stranger official Facebook Page

a lengthy and quite worthwhile review of Cambridge with some great pictures
A Place to Bury Stranger official Blog

Hey Valerio,
Thanks so much for sending these! I’ve been getting a lot of photos from this (Japandroids) tour sent to me and yours are by-far the best. Thanks again for covering the show!
Polyvinyl Record Co.

My name is John and I manage Sea of Bees. I really love the photos you took of Jules and Amber! They are some of the best photos I’ve seen of them.
Sea Of Bees Management

Great shots! Your persistence has got some of the most original shots from the gig!
Amon Tobin management

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