About liveon35mm.com

Live on 35mm is a website that aims at one simple thing:

Informing about the contemporary live music scene, using old-fashion B&W film as photographic medium.

Live music is expanding: huge tours, unexpected reunions, festivals, new bands. Theatre sells out in minutes whichever the size. People today want it live.

35mm films are disappearing, replaced by digital systems they become rare to find, to buy, to process. Despite this drop in mass market, still lots of people want 35mm to live on.

As a music lover I persist on looking for new bands, new artists, new music. Forever opposing the idea that music is dead. Music is out there, musicians are alive and kicking. As long as young people walk the streets rock’n’roll will never die.

As a photographer I persist on reporting live music on 35mm film.
I know it, I like it, I enjoy it. I can touch it, it’s physical, it’s matter, it matters (ok, to me).

Along the last century all live performances were recorded on film, those pictures will last centuries. In this century most of performances are being recorded on digital files which is neither known how long will last nor how long will exist computers and software able to deal with them.

I own an ever expanding archive of hundreds of artists, shot along the last 5 years of the English music panorama, between London and Cambridge, all on 35mm B&W negatives.

liveon35mm.com aims to three different passions, that can be separated as well as fit together on the same person:

  • On liveon35mm.com music lovers can read about new bands, new tours, new emerging talents, reunions and everything that happens on a stage.
  • On liveon35mm.com photography lovers can see black and white film images of young rockstars, as well as modern jazz and bluesmen, rarely available elsewhere. From the Arctic Monkeys to Amy Winehouse, check it out, I may have it.
  • On liveon35mm.com professional and amateur photographers will find anecdotes, tips and tricks about live music photography, venues, B&W films, strobe lights, dark stages, jumping guitarists, surfcrowding and how to avoid flying ales. In a sentence how to come out off the “3 songs no flash” rule with a good reportage without damages to yourself or your gear.

If you like the idea, you can read the full list of artists I reviewed, you can join mymyspace friends or Facebook fans to receive regular bullettins or sign up the mailing list to receive an e-mail only when a new article is posted.
Plenty of ways to stay in touch.

live on music, live on 35mm

5 Responses to “About liveon35mm.com”

  1. complimenti. molto elegante.

  2. Very impressive! I love your site and everything you had to say about the Keys.

  3. Nice site, great stuff.


  4. I got here through flickr and I must say this is a very nice blog to hang around.

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