London. 4th of November 2009
The day she started it all…


“I wonder why we listen to poets and nobody gives a fuck
I want a good life with a nose for things
I’m down on my hands and knees every time the doorbell rings”
1-[Ashes of American Flags]

“It’s in my hair
It’s on my clothes

We’re not going far
This can’t be undone
If I am the one

I can’t calm down, I can’t think
I keep calling”

2-[Bull Black Nova]

“The ashtray says
You were up all night
When you went to bed
With your darkest mind

Your pillow wept
You covered your eyes
And you finally slept
While the sun caught fire

You’ve changed

We fell in love
In the key of C
We walked along
Down by the sea

You followed me down
The neck to D
We fell again
Into the sea

You’ve changed
Oh, you’ve changed

What you once were isn’t what you want to be anymore”
3-[A Shoot In The Arm]

The streetlights glow
Comes and goes
When the sun comes back
As we all can plainly see
Embracing the situation
Is our only chance to be free”

4-[Side With The Seeds]

“well this is not a joke
so please stop smiling
what was I thinking
when I said it didn’t hurt

I always thought
that if I held you tightly
you would always love me
like you did back then
then I fell asleep
and the city kept blinkin’
what was I thinkin’
when I let you back in”

5-[I Am Trying To Break Your Heart]

“We belonged to a bird
Who cast his shadow on this world
You were a blessing and I was a curse
I did my best not to make things worse, for you

One Wing will never fly
Neither yours nor mine
I fear we can only wave goodbye”

6-[One Wing]

“When I sat down on the bed next to you
You started to cry
I said, maybe if I leave, you’ll want me
To come back home
Or maybe all you mean, is leave me alone

I still think we’re serious
At least that’s what you said”

7-[At Least That’s What You Said]

“This was still new to me
I wouldn’t understand
Impossible Germany
Unlikely Japan
This is what love is for
To be out of place
Gorgeous and alone

With no larger problems
That need to be erased
Nothing more important
Than to know someone’s listening
Now I know you’ll be listening “

8-[Impossible Germany]

“Wake up we’re here
It’s so much worse than we feared
There’s nothing left here

Hold out your hand,
there’s so much you don’t understand

All by yourself
Oh no you need my help
When the cold night shakes you like a chandelier”

9-[Country Disappeared]

“Oh it’s okay for you to say
What you want from me
I believe that’s the only
Way for me to be…
Exactly… What do you want me to be?”

10-[Handshake Drugs]

“You’ll wake
With a start from a dream
And know that I am gone
You’ll feel it in your heart
But not for very long
You’ll rise each day as planned
Your will is your command

I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go for you, I will
I’ll fight, I’ll fight,I’ll fight, I’ll fight for you, I will
I’ll kill, I’ll kill, I’ll kill, I’ll kill for you, I will
I’ll die, I’ll die, I’ll die, I’ll die for you”

11-[I’ll Fight]

“wherever you may roll
I think you have no motive
I know you have no home

it’s become so obvious
you are so oblivious to yourself”

12-[Pot Kettle Black]

“Got a box full of letters
Think you might like to read
Some things that you might like to see
But they’re all addressed to me

I got a lot of your records
In a separate stack
Some things that I might like to hear
But I guess I’ll give ’em back

Just can’t find the time
To write my mind
The way I want it to read

You’ll come back again
And I’ll still be your friend”

13-[Box Full Of Letters]

“But at the last moment
I buried the brakes
My life split in two directions
Into two separate fates”

14-[Sonny Feeling]

“Jesus, don’t cry
You can rely on me honey
You can combine anything you want

Our love
Our love
Our love is all we have”

15-[Jesus, Etc]

“I’m an ocean
An abyss in motion
Slow motion

I’m going away
Where you will look for me
Where I’m going you cannot come

No one’s ever gonna take my life from me
I lay it down
A ghost is born”


“All I can see is black and white
And white and pink with blades of blue
That lay between the words I think on a page
I was meaning to send to you
I couldn’t tell if it’d bring my heart
The way I wanted when I started
Writing this letter to you

But if I could, you know I would
Just hold your hand and you’d understand
I’m the man who loves you”

17-[I’m the Man Who Loves You]

“So he slept on a mountain
In a sleeping bag underneath the stars
He would lie awake and count them
And the gray fountain spray of the great Milky Way
Would never let him
Die alone

Remember to remember me
Standing still in your past
Floating fast like a hummingbird”


“I dreamed about killing you again last night
And it felt alright to me
Dying on the banks of Embarcadero skies
I sat and watched you bleed
Buried you alive in a fireworks display
Raining down on me
Your cold, hot blood ran away from me
To the sea”

19-[Via Chicago]

“You fool me with a kiss of kidsmoke
From a microscopic home
It’s good to be alone”

20-[Spiders (Kidsmoke)]

“The best song will never get sung
The best laugh never leaves your lungs”

21-[The Late Greats]

“She fell in love with the drummer
She fell in love with another
She fell in love

I miss the innocence I’ve known”
22-[ Heavy Metal Drummer]

“I’m walking all by myself
I’m talking to myself
About you

I was singing this song about you
I was thinking about singin this song about you

The more I think about it
The more I know it’s true
The more I think about it
The more I know it’s you”


“I try to stay busy
I do the dishes. I mow the lawn
I try to keep myself occupied
Even though I know you’re not coming home

I try to keep the house nice and neat
I make my bed. I change the sheets
I even learned how to use a washing machine
Keeping things clean doesn’t change anything

What am I gonna do when I run out of shirts to fold?
What am I gonna do when I run out of lawn to mow?
What am I gonna do if you never come home?
Tell me, oh what am I gonna do?

I caught myself thinking
I caught myself thinking once again
I have to try to keep my mind out of this
Try not to pretend

I’ll check the phone
I’ll check the mail
I’ll check the phone again
I call you’re mom
she says you’re not there
and I should take care

Oh I hate it here
When you’re gone
I hate it
I hate it here
When you’re gone

I try to stay busy
I take out the trash. I sweep the floor
Try to keep myself occupied
Cause I know you don’t live here anymore”

24-[Hate it Here]

“I know we don’t talk much
But you’re such a good talker

Well I know we should take a walk
But you’re such a fast walker

Well OK, I know you don’t love me
But you’ll still be thinking of me”

25-[Outtasite (Outta mind)]

“I can’t tell you anything you don’t already know.
I keep on trying, I should just let it go.
I keep on singing, you’re eyes they just roll.
It sounds like someone else’s song from a long time ago.
You already know the story and the chords are just the same.
You already know I love you, and I sound like “what’s his name?”
But you can’t stop me, I want you to know”

26-[Someone Else’s Song]

London. 4th of December 2009
A month later, the day she ended it all.

Wilco has made this London Forum gig (and a NYC one) available for download in support of Haiti Earthquake victims.
Donate 10£ or 15$ to
Oxfam or Doctors Without Borders and get it for free.

~ by Valerio on December 4, 2009.

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  1. Meraviglia vale..meraviglia..

  2. Beautiful pics! Wilco are the perfect act for 35mmlive ;-)

  3. I meant liveon35mm, sorry!!! dislexic as usual!

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