5 Responses to “Elbow”

  1. Great post Valerio, as a long time admirer of Elbow I was pleased as punch when they won the Mercury Prize.

    When you say “I should add that the best 2008’s music has been sailing the wind of change on the other bank of the Atlantic.” who do you mean specifically?

  2. Thanks William,

    everytime I think at the list of my 2008 favourites I end up with a lot of USA/Canadian albums.
    Going by heart at least

    Fleet Foxes
    Bon Iver
    TV on the radio
    Black Keys
    Semi Precious Weapons

    but there is overall a folk-ish revival, a shoegaze revival (film school), Sub-pop is leading the alternative scene again (beyond band of horses, fleet foxes, grand archive also No Age and some more noisy stuff) and New York city has never been so effervescent since The Television, probably.

    UK side I cannot think at anything much better than Elbow and British Sea Power, obviously I couldn’t listen to everyone so I may have missed someone

  3. Elbow and British Sea Power are pretty much as good as it gets at the moment over here.
    Although we’ve got Johnny Foreigner who although being the complete opposite of the two bands above, have a lot going for them.
    Then there’s These New Puritans, Wild Beasts but again they might not be your thing.
    There is Laura Marling however, who you could class as being in this folk-ish revival.

  4. Hi Jamie,
    agree with you.
    I heard of all the bands you mention and was very close to photograph These New Puritans months ago but I opted to go for the Long Blondes that night.

    Have a look at the next article, British Sea Power are just out!


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