Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong

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A story so brief they still haven’t got an entry on Even Wikipedia doesn’t go much beyond few lines.
Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong released a first single Lucio starts fire last October, Lonely Buoy, their second, is due only in the second half of February.
If contemporary music is what you are after, you have it here. More contemporary than this means it hasn’t been composed yet.

Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong

So many rumours have been appearing on this young London band, impatient enough to wait for an album, with just few tracks on their myspace, I decided to go and see in the place where musicians are supposed to be listened to: live on stage. I always needed to experience music physically. The occasion came when they opened CSS recent tour.
I arrived at the site 7.30 PM, 2 hours before the headliners. A small group of teenagers was already squeezed to grab the first row barrier of a quite empty venue. They were yearning for Joe Lean and his JJJs. Hundreds of gigs taught me not to elucidate fans behaviour unless you are a sociologist working on youth interests.

Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong

7.45 PM the J&JJJs show began.
First I was captured by bassist’s haircut.
Second I was suspicious by their (and front row’s) liveliness. Too much energy has a distracting role from the songs.
In fact, few lines into the first tune, I found myself thinking of Robert Plant’s voice on Led Zeppelin’s Whola lotta lovefrom their London come back gig. Even if heard on youtube, a couple of days before they moved it, it was breathtaking. I was being unfair to J&JJJs so I concentrated my eyes on the photos, leaving my ears listening to their familiar indie-pop of clanging guitars.
3 songs on, the security guy stopped my photographer’s duties. I stepped back among the kids to glimpse to the band, eyes and ears.
I could see why Joe Lean, the singer, left his drummer role with the Pipettes to front his creature. He is an actor, also appearing on some television series and, as any actor, he needs to be the centre of the audience attention, quite impossible if you are that thin and sit behind a drum set fronted by an all-girls band.
A charismatic guy, press says, not me though.
4th song I struggle to see what the fuss is all about.
On their official site they grandly claim “the goal is to have a nine-year-old girl and 80-year-old man in a different country dancing at the same time”. Italian and “only” 37, I am clearly the oldest bloke tonight but very far from dancing. Teenagers are going mad, it must be a good vibe for them.
5 songs on, my skepticism rides my memory back to their second pompous official statement “…but see one of their incendiary live shows and it becomes clear that this band channel the spirit of every rock ‘n’ pop giant of the last 50 years through their suavely attired frames”.
Combined to what I was listening it was honestly enough, hopefully the 6th song was their last. They anticipated me on leaving the venue.

Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong

Why Joe Lean and the JJJs have got signed by Vertigo? Why they have already headlined a Barfly circuit tour? Why NME selected them to play in their Shockwave tour? Why they pass on MTV so often? Why the Guardian put them on the Guide’s cover? Why endless magazines, blogs, papers foresee them as the “next big thing” to storm British audiences in 2008?
I don’t actually have a clue!
Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong are the umpteenth indie-pop nonsense that sounds OK for one distract listening of a couple of songs. Is that really enough “now-a-mp3-days”?

Ages ago there were The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines and the Hives who brought a fresh guitar sound to indie-pop. A second, wider generation of bands followed lead by the excellent Arctic Monkeys; Dirty Pretty Things, Babyshambles, The Cribs and the View still have something interesting to say even though signs of weakness became apparent. Today, well into a third generation, which counts innumerable acts from 1990s to these guys, I have the feeling there is no more juice in the lemon.
Indie music desperately needs a delivery of exotic fruits to mix up fresh new cocktails.

Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong

I can understand why teenagers love new bands and identifies with their members. I cannot understand why press supports them. I arrived to believe that journalists attention is tricked by silly onomatopoeic names. In recent times it seems you can draw a linear correlation between band names’ weirdness versus quick success. Few years ago, attracted by a 5£ sale, I ended up buying the “Clap your hands say yeah” debut album intrigued by that name, I won’t commit the same error twice!

To know a bit more, not that much actually, you have their [Myspace] and [Official website]. If you know and have more to say, please use the comment box to help me understanding.

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~ by Valerio on January 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong”

  1. Ciao Valerio!
    Buon 2008

  2. Yeh, why don’t you just FUCK OFF back to Italy! You clearly just dont have a FUCKING CLUE, do you! You just don’t get it.

    Love from Valerie

  3. I’m sorry Valerie,

    thanks for the kind suggestion. This country is far more plenty of nice people able to accept a different point of view and a different nationality than you are. I’ll definitely stay.

    Love to you

  4. Joe lean and the jing jang jong are amazing! in my opinion anyway.
    I went to see them live yesterday and i fell in love, even though joe lean is a dickhead, you just have to love him :)
    They are the next big thing!
    Oh and check out
    They are awesome!

  5. Well, it’s the end of 2008 and everyone’s forgotten who they are. That’s not a massive surprise to those of us who can remember the 90’s indie boom – Joe Lean and the JJJ always reminded me a bit of Menswear and Silver Sun but without a sense of humour.

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